Nazra Quran

Experience the transformative Nazra Quran learning service designed for all ages, guided by expert instructors and a structured curriculum. Our interactive and personalized approach, combined with modern technology, ensures a deep connection with the Quran, fostering fluent recitation, spiritual growth, and confidence in worship. Join our vibrant community, and embark on a lifelong journey of Quranic learning that goes beyond rote memorization.

Hifz e Quran

Join our Hifz e Quran program led by experienced instructors, offering a structured curriculum for memorizing the entire Quran. Experience a transformative journey of memorization, spiritual growth, and a lasting connection with the Holy Quran. Enroll now for a profound and concise Hifz e Quran experience.

Tafseer e Quran

Embark on a journey of understanding with our Tafseer e Quran program, where experienced instructors guide you through the insightful interpretation of the Quran. Engage with a structured curriculum, gaining profound insights into the divine wisdom within the verses. Enroll now for a transformative experience, deepening your understanding of the Quran’s meanings and messages.

Tajweed and Grammar

Join our Tajweed and Grammar program, where expert instructors guide you through the intricacies of proper Quranic pronunciation and grammar. Navigate a structured curriculum, perfecting the art of recitation while understanding the linguistic nuances. Enroll today for a transformative learning experience, mastering Tajweed and Grammar for an enriched connection with the Quran.


Explore our Prayers Mastery Program, where seasoned instructors guide you through the profound art of Islamic prayers. Delve into a structured curriculum, mastering the etiquettes and spiritual significance of each prayer. Enroll now for a transformative journey, cultivating a deep connection with your prayers and enhancing your spiritual devotion.


Discover our Quranic Studies Certification programs, led by qualified instructors, ensuring comprehensive knowledge and skill acquisition. Navigate a structured curriculum, earning certifications that signify your expertise in various aspects of Quranic studies. Enroll today to enhance your understanding and receive recognized certifications, marking your commitment to excellence in Quranic education.

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Flexible Timings

At Mujtaba Online Quran Academy, we understand the importance of flexibility in your learning journey. Our platform offers you the convenience of flexible timing, allowing you to tailor your Quranic education to fit seamlessly into your busy schedule. Whether you’re a working professional, a student, or managing other responsibilities, our adaptable learning approach ensures that you can access our courses at a time that suits you best. Join Mujtaba Online Quran Academy and embark on a learning experience designed to accommodate your lifestyle, making Quranic education accessible on your terms.



Earn a prestigious certification from Mujtaba Online Quran Academy, validating your proficiency in Quranic studies. Our carefully curated certification program recognizes your dedication to mastering Quranic recitation, Tajweed, and deepening your understanding of Islamic teachings. Join us in this transformative journey, and upon successful completion, showcase your achievement with a certification that reflects your commitment to spiritual growth and Quranic knowledge. Enroll today and elevate your connection with the Quran through Mujtaba Online Quran Academy’s certified recognition.

Certificate of Nazra quran